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Project Management Services :

Our Power team is a multidisciplinary services group offering a wide range of consulting and execution solutions in the building industry under three verticals, i.e. Consulting, Design and Build & Facility Management.

Our team has extensive in-house capabilities, end-to-end experience and wide linkages, including the ability to assemble teams of experts all over the country, allows us to successfully deliver integrated services for the building industry across multiple locations and at various points in the building construction and operations process.

Trained manpower, with the ability to multi-skill, diverse experience, and a strong service and information structure enables us to provide an effective, credible and a practical approach to delivering and managing buildings and related infrastructure.

Our Team understands that quality and efficiency cannot be achieved without trained, dedicated, motivated and devoted team. Through our intensive training programmes for employees at all levels has developed a team that understands the necessity of 3c’s – coordination, communication and creative approach for the success of project to the utmost satisfaction of client.

Consultancy: We have diverse, hands-on experience in managing projects ranging from multiple fit-out projects to complex building projects at multiple and often chalenging locations, involving extensive MEP services and civil construction. A purpose-built IT backbone to track projects, strong networking abilities to assemble team of experts, combined with a balanced and fair attitude gives us the ability to execute and deliver the most complex of projects. We offer set of wide range of services including – Project Management, Handover Management, Project Audits, Design, Lenders Engineers, Restoration, Conservation of historical properties, Research in methods and materials, Others. Customised to your requirements

We provide our clients the benefits of a single point responsibility for the interior fit out requirements. Services offered include Design and detailing services, Interior execution, Renovations and relocations. We can execute interior fit out projects of all range and sizes across multiple locations.

Facility Management Services: We are professionally managed repairs and maintenance infrastructure of its kind serving various industry verticals. We have the capability to respond and close on call, jobs ranging from as simple as changing of a lamp to complex engineering & support services including housekeeping for small to medium facilities across multiple locations. Under Facility Management vertical we provide Repair and Maintenance services, Housekeeping services, Takeover support, Look & Feel Audits, Safety & Security Audits, Renovations and Alterations, Site closure and disposals.

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