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Electrical & Civil Contracting Services :

General Contracting: Building Scope offers general contracting services for bid and negotiated bid projects. With more than 5 years of building experience, we are our clients’ partner in ensuring their project is adhering to the schedule, quality, and budget agreed upon. Our dedication to keeping our project sites safe and organized contributes to our ability to adapt to any challenges that arise on the site. Our general contracting services keep our clients’ goals at the forefront as each piece of the construction process starts to fit together. Our competence and experience result in projects completed at the highest levels of quality, value, and safety.

Quality: Building Scope prequalifies our subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers and rigorously evaluates them based on their stability and past performance. This ensures every person on the job site performs up to Building Scope’s standards of quality.

Fairness: We maintain positive working relationships with subcontractors and suppliers to ensure smooth project execution, supported by our high ethical standards of treating everyone fairly. Our active approach to teamwork keeps teams accountable for delivering on time and on budget.

Experience: We have the experience necessary to efficiently and effectively solve the problems that arise during the construction process. We also keep an open flow of communication with all stakeholders to ensure project objectives and timelines are being consistently met.

We go out of our way to offer comprehensive solutions for every residential as well as commercial electrical need, you must to make an educated decision on the best solution for you. We can offer you the Residential and commercial wiring, Electrical troubleshooting, repair and service, Lightning installation and repair etc.

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