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Company Secretarial & Legal Services :

We deliver professional company secretarial services and we are one of the leading providers in Pune, India. For this we need to know more about the company. so if you’d like a quote for particular work, please do get in touch and we’ll always be happy to help. Our corporate lawyers and chartered secretaries are experts in supporting listed companies and provide a tailored and solution-focused approach.

Support for the board and management with board meetings and governance: Ensure you comply with statutory and listing rules, the Companies Act, the relevant parts of Indian laws. We advise on whether you should focus on an alternative solution.
Advise on appropriate shareholder engagement guidelines: Tailor your corporate governance to the needs of your board and key stakeholders.

Provide services as corporate Company Secretary: Provide guidance, audits and reviews to assist with company secretarial obligations.

Listing & post: We help newly listed companies to develop and build their company secretarial and corporate governance functions to meet the increased requirements of the public markets. Whether a company is contemplating its initial listing on a public market or upgrading its listing, there are considerable company secretarial and corporate governances’ challenges to overcome.

A properly structured board process can improve the flow and quality of information to the board, improve decision making, and set out clear audit and accountability procedures for those decisions. A well-run board will be able to focus on the strategic direction of the company without getting bogged down in the minutiae of the business.

Listing Services: As a chartered secretaries and corporate governance professionals we have extensive experience of working with companies on the Main Market & with various exchanges. The requirements of a specific company vary depending on the market it is traded on, as well as the nature of the shareholder base. We will work with you, before and after a listing, to develop and implement a corporate governance and company secretarial strategy to help the company achieve its goals.

If you are interested to know more about how we can work with you, please Contact us for more details.

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