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Architectural Services :

Our Power team associates provide Consulting Services to achieve following goals:

1. Consult with client regarding project needs/goals (includes inventory of spaces).
2. Review information about space or site to assess it’s acceptability.
3. Ascertain any special issues that might affect development (asbestos, site development issues (zoning, environmental, grading/ detention/ water quality), soil characteristics (general), views, etc.) The site related issues are often done in conjunction with a local Civil Engineer familiar with developing projects in the area. May need Topographic and Tree Survey to adequately analyse the site.
4. Build a relationship of trust and knowledge with the client.
5. Develop the scope of work to be performed.
6. Produce preliminary/schematic drawings that may include Preliminary Site Plan (if new building) and Preliminary Floor Plan.

Upon completion of the above consulting services and after finalisation of the scope of services needed, our associate can provide a stipulated sum (fixed fee) agreement for Comprehensive Services including:

1. Design and Documentation Services: Provide Architectural Drawings for Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, MEP Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), Interior Design Drawings
2. Construction Administration Services: Bidding Coordination, Permitting Coordination, Execution of Construction Contract (with selected General Contractor), Initial Site Visit/Pre-Construction Conference followed by regular Site Visits based on completion of work to be observed (in long distance projects, Processing of submittals, shop drawings, change orders, and fielding questions during Construction. Taking Monthly review of progress and processing of Payment Applications for Owner’s Lender. TAS Inspection (at completion of work), Final Punchlist and Certificate of Substantial Completion at end of construction. Final payment and release of liens.

Project durations can vary, but generally free-standing buildings take ~6+ months for Design and Documentation (including Permitting) and Construction takes approximately the same amount of time (~6+ months) Therefore, new buildings should ideally have ~14 months (and sometimes more) for the entire process. Lease spaces generally take about half the amount of time (~6-7 months) for all phases. These are estimates base to workload, client decision-making, municipal requirements, etc.

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